Crafts & Cocktails

Friday, April 27, 2018

5:30pm – 10:30pm

Tartan Curling Club

1464 Broadway Ave

Regina, SK



Crafts & Cocktails is a new springtime event in Regina, hosted at the Tartan Curling Club. Featuring a combination of 3 unique elements… Crafts & Cocktails is truly a one of a kind event that you won’t want to miss!

1. CRAFT SHOW: First and foremost, shop and support Saskatchewan vendors selling their handmade products.

2. SOCIALIZING: While primarily a shopping event, it is just as much about a fun night out with friends!

3. MAKE & TAKE: Crafts & Cocktails is an interactive Craft Show – mixing in demonstrations and tutorials with the shopping. Vendors get to share their skills and passion, network with highly-engaged customers and diversify their offering at the event. Attendees have the opportunity for hands-on learning and ensure they don’t go home empty-handed.

Confirmed Vendors

Vendor Information

Are you an SK-based crafter or business,  interested in showcasing your handmade crafts/products?

Vendor Registration

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Vendor FAQ

Do all vendors have to do a Make & Take?
Not all vendors have to do a Make & Take, it’s totally optional. It just doesn’t work for some crafts, I get it! There are plenty of spaces available for “regular” vendors to just display and sell. But, before you write off the idea, consider that being a Make & Take vendor will get you extra promotion and potentially cover the cost of your space before the event even starts.
What size are the spaces?
While I don’t have the exact measurements yet, and it will kind of depend on the number of vendors that register, I can tell you that the venue is quite spacious and I expect the spaces to be larger than any show I’ve ever exhibited in!  The spaces will at least be wide enough for an 8 foot table, but will be deeper than just a table.
Am I automatically accepted or is it an application process?
A little bit of both. For a few categories (like jewelry) I’ll be limiting the number of similar vendors, so it’s possible that if you submit a registration form for one of those categories that you won’t be automatically accepted.  So, if you think you’re in one of those categories feel free to pop me a quick note before filling out your registration form if you want. Or, loose rule of thumb here, submit your registration form and expect to hear back from me within a day or so before you etch the date in stone!
For Make & Take: When will we know how many have been sold?
I plan on posting the Make & Take offerings for sale in the middle of March and will update vendors as sales are made.  So, as the tickets sell, you’ll hear about it!  If there are still tickets available a week before the event, I’ll check in with each vendor to see if they are okay with last minute and/or at-event ticket sales and then either leave the listing up or take it down.
Other vendor questions? Send an email to please!