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What’s your hometown?

This 8” x 10” wall art has a map of your town behind the stylized cut out of the name. Tell me which town (big or small) holds a little piece of your heart that you’d like to show off! With or without the frame (Limited amount of pictured frames available.)

Makes a great gift for the college student leaving home for the first time, for family members honouring the birthplace of their ancestors, for anyone from a small town that is as hard to find on a map as it is to find souvenirs from, or just anyone with a little hometown pride!

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Shop Monogram Wall Art

Personalized wall art including names, dates and fun themes. Available in 8×10 with the frame included.

Perfect as a gift (weddings, anniversaries, baby showers) or as a finishing touch to your home decor!

Artwork printed and precision cut on glossy paper. Layered over black cardstock. Choose a general colour for the border for your artwork (unable to match exact colours for border).

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Shop Personalized Photo Desk Calendars

This desk calendar is practical and fun!  View dates with a quick glance, while displaying some of your favourite photos all year round.

Each personalized calendar has 13 colorful pages that are neatly contained in a clear plastic jewel case that folds back to create a stand. Pro tip… You could also pin up or frame the 13 photos for a personalized year at a glance wall calendar.

Makes a perfect gift for showcasing the little cuties for parents and grandparents, the best poses from the wedding for the newlyweds, the highlights from a trip of a lifetime for your travel partner, the portfolio highlights for the budding photographer or just the finishing touch for your desk decor!

The calendar when standing is roughly 5″ x 5.5″ with case. Each page is printed on high quality photo paper.

Shop Snowball Fun

The excitement, energy and laughs of a good ol’ fashioned snowball fight!  Get ready to hear the giggles….

Available in classic white, or a variety of cool colours, Snowball Fun 12-Packs provide hours of entertainment.

A unique gift idea for the birthday boy or girl, an office gift exchange and that hard-to-buy-for friend.

Grandparents… keep Snowball Fun around for when the little ones visit!

What people are saying about Red Door Craftworks

Purchased this great piece from Red Door Craftworks. Great work!

Great piece of art Melanie R

Elfa and the crew definitely had some fun with Snowball Fun!

She’s Baaaaack! Michelle B

We bought a set for Christmas and we have played with the kids every other day! So much fun!
Kids of every age enjoy a good snowball fight!

Snowball Fun is so much fun! Denelle H

About Red Door Craftworks

I’ve always been a crafty person… and I’ve always wanted to have a table at a craft show. I’m also a marketer and a graphic designer. So, I didn’t just want to have a random craft show table with all of my one-off crafting adventures (that honestly, I’m not sure who would really want!). I wanted to do the whole nine-yards with a logo, package, promo pieces, banners, business cards, etc.

It all came together in December of 2015 when I was putting together holiday care packages for a bunch of my friends and their families. For each person I included a pair of mittens (store-bought <insert embarrassed emoticon here>), a family photo and a bag of indoor snowballs!

I’m also a mom. So, of course I made an entire basket of indoor snowballs for my two boys to play with… and the responses to those snowballs set the light bulb off in my head! Not only did my two boys love playing with them, but so did my husband, our extended family and pretty much every guest to our house (both young and old). My then 5-year old regularly invited guests into our basement for an “epic snowball fight.”

And then the requests for more snowballs started… and I knew I finally had my craft show idea that I could package, brand and promote! Ta-da! Snowball Fun!

But, I still need to do other crafting… I’m just a crafty person that doesn’t like idle hands!  So, I’ve been experimenting, crafting away and just having fun with it all. My craft show table is expanding. I’ve got some work to do on the packaging and branding for the new stuff.  But, now that I’ve been to a few craft shows there’s no stopping me!

So, thanks for checking out this “craft show” project of mine… Red Door Craftworks. Hope you’ll keep checking back to see what these idle hands are up to…